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Tiger Woods

United States of America

Fast Facts

  • Birthplace:

    Cypress, USA

  • Birthdate:

    December 30, 1975

  • On-Course Shoe:

    Nike TW

  • Event:


  • Residence:

    Jupiter Island, USA

Transformative Moment

Winning the Masters in 1997 by 12 strokes. It was my first Major and it was very special for a lot of reasons.

Tiger Says

If I wasn’t an athlete…

I’d be in military Special Operations. That’s what my pop did.

My favorite meal is...

a porterhouse steak, mashed potatoes and a salad.

I want my legacy to be...

all about my two fantastic kids and my foundation. We’ve made a difference in the lives of thousands of kids, and hopefully one day we’ll help so many more.

I’m inspired by...

the kids in my foundation. Seeing where they come from and what they accomplish inspires me every day.

My personal mantra is…

You get out what you put in.

On my day off...

I take my kids to school and play soccer with them when they get home.

In my bag...

I always have music, weightlifting shoes and something for hydration.

I wind down by…

spearfishing…but I’m not sure that I really wind down.

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