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Rory McIlroy


Fast Facts

  • Birthplace:

    Holywood, Northern Ireland

  • Birthdate:

    May 2, 1990

  • On-Course Shoe:

    Nike Lunar Control 4

  • Event:


  • Residence:

    Palm Beach, USA

Transformative Moment

Winning my first Major tournament — it was the confidence builder I needed.

Rory Says

If I wasn’t an athlete...

I might be a PE teacher.

My favorite meal is...

a lean piece of chicken with brown rice if I’m eating healthy or steak with fries if I fancy a treat.

I’m inspired by...

people achieving greatness, in whatever discipline, after having battled adversity.

On my day off...

I spend time at the gym, meet friends for a few casual holes and end with a family dinner.

In my gym bag...

I have a couple of dry t-shirts and towels to tackle a hard workout!

My motto is...

Get out and practice. There is no substitute. It’s really that simple.

I wind down by...

going back to Northern Ireland to spend time with family and friends.

I want my legacy to be...

that I was a great golfer and athlete, and that The Rory Foundation did great work with young people.

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