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Mary Cain

United States of America

Fast Facts

  • Birthplace:

    New York City, USA

  • Birthdate:

    May 3, 1996

  • Event:


  • Personal Best:

    1500 meters: 4:04.62

  • On-Track Shoe:

    Nike Zoom Victory and Nike Zoom Matumbo

  • Residence:

    Bronxville, USA

Transformative Moment

Becoming the youngest American athlete of all time to represent the United States of America at the IAFF World Championships, as a participant of the 2013 IAFF World Championships.

Mary Says

My nickname is...


My good-luck charm is...

wearing a new ribbon for every race.

I’m inspired by...

Mary Decker. Not only was she talented, but she also ran with such heart.

My pre-competition music is...

top hits — anything with a quick, pump-up beat!

If I wasn’t an athlete...

I would probably be doing medical research.

My favorite meal is...


On my day off...

I love to read anything from young adult novels to science and sports to psychology and the classics.

In my bag...

I always have my Nike spikes, racing socks, an energy bar, a pack of gum and a Nike water bottle.

I want my legacy to be...

that I was the best American female middle-distance runner.

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