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Adriana Leon


Fast Facts

  • Birthplace:

    Mississauga, Canada

  • Birthdate:

    October 2, 1992

  • On-Pitch Shoe:

    Nike Mercurial Superfly

  • Event:


  • Residence:

    Buffalo, USA

Transformative Moment

Experiencing failures and learning from those failures by diligently working on and off the field to be the best athlete I can be.

Adriana Says

My pre-game ritual is...

to drink a cup of coffee before a training session or game.

I’m happiest when…

I’m with my family or on the pitch.

My favorite meal is...

pizza if I’m cheating. Otherwise, I love a good brown rice-quinoa-falafel bowl.

In my bag...

I always have a protein bar, facial wipes, exercise bands, several bottles of water, earphones, a set of clean clothes and makeup.

I’m motivated by…

striving to be better than I was yesterday.

My motto is...

work hard, work harder.

When I’m not training...

I’m doing schoolwork, socializing or catching up on my favorite TV shows.

I wind down by...


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