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About Nike Arrow Next Alex Morgan

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Alex Morgan

United States of America

Fast Facts

  • Birthplace:

    San Dimas, USA

  • Birthdate:

    July 2, 1989

  • On-Pitch Shoe:

    Nike Hypervenom

  • Event:


  • Residence:

    Orlando, USA

Transformative Moment

Having had over 20 assists and 20 goals with the national team in 2012 opened my eyes to my potential.

Alex Says

My pre-game ritual is...

to clear my mind and visualize the feeling that I’ve been on the field and done this a million times.

My pre-game music is...

high-energy pop or rap. I’m not really specific. I like to be surprised.

I want my legacy to be...

being the best soccer player in the world – and making a difference for women and girls who don’t currently have the opportunity to play a sport or get an education.

My favorite meal is...

any Mexican dish – I love it all.

In my bag...

I always have a pair of sandals, sunscreen, lip balm with SPF, 10 hair ties, water and nutrition bars – usually cleats, too. You never know when you’ll want to play a pickup game.

I'm motivated by...

my fans. They are the ones who keep me going. Knowing that what I do on the field inspires them means a lot.

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