Restricted Substance List Training

In addition to complying with Nike’s RSL, we require training for all finished goods factories and materials suppliers on the proper execution of our RSL standards. This extensive online training session focuses on understanding Nike RSL policy implementation, selection and submission of test samples, reviewing test results, and the failure-resolution process.

Suppliers must repeat RSL training every two years. As a best practice, we suggest reviewing training upon the release of every RSL update, which occurs on an annual basis.

RSL training is available on demand as a refresher course and to help suppliers train new workers.

Chemicals Management Training 

This training focuses on four key components: 1) Formulation procurement that complies with the Nike Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL), 2) Chemicals management in the facility, 3) Chemical evaluation for hazards, and 4) Tools and resources available for sustainable production.

Access Training

To access the chemistry training materials, please refer to the instructions for using the training platform.

•  RSL Training Instructions

For questions on training, please contact: 


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