We update our requirements regularly to meet strict global regulations and our own voluntary regulations.

We update our requirements regularly to meet global regulatory or legislative requirements as well as Nike’s elevated standards for performance. All suppliers that make products for Nike – including for Affiliates and licensees – must comply with the following:

•  Nike’s Material Policies
•  Chemistry Playbook & Restricted Substance List (RSL)
•  2021 Updates
•  Manufacturing Restricted Substance List (MRSL)
•  Packaging Design Requirements (PDR)
•  Wastewater Guidelines

Chemistry Playbook & RSL

The Chemistry Playbook & RSL outlines chemical standards for our materials that meet or exceed regulatory or legislative requirements and includes substances that we’ve voluntarily restricted or limited in our product. Updates in the 2021 Chemistry Playbook & RSL.

Wastewater Guidelines

Along with the ZDHC, we have created and adopted Wastewater Guidelines that set a unified expectation on wastewater quality for the entire textile and footwear industry. 


The Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) industry-wide tool bans the intentional use of priority chemicals during the manufacturing of textiles, synthetic leather and natural leather, and sets impurity limits for these substances within chemical formulations supplied to material vendors. 

Nike's Material Policies

Guidance for antimicrobials & odor management, nanotechnology materials and animal skin guidelines.​


The Packaging Restricted Substance List (PRSL) gives substance details and restriction levels for Nike packaging as well as packaging design requirements to comply with global legislation – the PRSL is contained within the Chemistry Playbook. In addition to the PRSL, the Packaging Design Requirements (PDR) gives details for Nike packaging design requirements to comply with global legislation. Both PRSL and PDR are requirements for packaging items.

Testing Requirements

All Nike suppliers are required to test for restricted substances. Sample selection and minimum testing requirements are included in the Restricted Substance List (RSL). All materials, products and other items supplied to Nike, Inc. must comply with the limits listed in the RSL.

To submit samples for testing, suppliers must access the RSL Testing Application. The application will enable suppliers to create the necessary test request form for inclusion with the sample shipment.


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