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About Nike Arrow Next Doing Business with Nike Europe

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Welcome Nike Europe Partners

We believe diversity and inclusion drives innovation. In alignment with this approach, Nike prefers a base of suppliers that actively and significantly support our business requirements.

On this page you can find information about the Nike Europe’s billing process and frequently asked questions (FAQ)..

Invoicing to Nike

Nike bill-to and postal address tool

Please use below widget to identify the correct ‘bill-to’ address, invoice postal address and Nike Finance Helpdesk contact information for Nike Europe. Navigate through the questions using the unique Nike company code which can be found on the purchase order that you received from Nike.

! Legal entity changes ahead, impacting billing information - To help NIKE scale new capabilities in service of an integrated Marketplace, we are simplifying our legal entity structure across EMEA. Business partners who are impacted by the changes will receive more detailed information per email in the coming months. For up-to-date billing and VAT details please regularly check the information in the below drop-down menu.



Details required on the invoice

All new suppliers are required to submit their invoices electronically via Coupa. If not done yet, please use the link received previously to complete the set up in Coupa/CSP

Coupa onboarded suppliers will create invoice directly in Coupa Supplier Portal CSP

Download PDF instructions here.

To ensure timely payment, please include the following when submitting an invoice (please note: the below list is a standard overview, different requirements may apply by country) in doubt,please contact us via the Nike Finance Helpdesk.

  • Purchase order (PO) number

  • The word “Invoice” (or in local language)

  • Billed Nike entity name

  • Billed Nike address

  • Billed Nike VAT amount

  • Nike VAT Number 

  • Vendor name

  • Vendor address

  • Vendor VAT number

  • Vendor bank account details

  • Product/service description (matching PO line description)

  • Net amount

  • Tax %

  • Tax amount

  • Gross amount

  • In case of import by Nike, also the import documentation has to be added to the invoice as an attachment

To assist you with invoicing to Nike Europe, you will find an example invoice containing all the information needed for timely payment of your pdf and hardcopy invoices here.

Invoice submission for Suppliers who are not using Coupa

Depending on local country legislation Nike can accept only hardcopy invoices or also softcopy invoices. The above invoicing widget tool will tell you for the Nike entity you are invoicing what type of document is required (hardcopy or softcopy).

Submitting Softcopy invoices:

Please adhere to the following guidelines for invoice submission by email for Nike Europe: Only .PDF and .TIF file formats can be accepted. In doubt, please check the widget or contact us via Nike Finance Helpdesk.



  • Send a new email for each new invoice

  • Only one invoice per attachment

  • 10MB maximum email size

  • Embedded emails and zipped files cannot be attached

  • Only include critical information on the actual invoice attachment and not in the body of the email

  • To avoid duplication please do not submit invoices more than once

  • To ensure timely payment, please include the required information when submitting an invoice (see sample invoice)

Submitting Hardcopy invoices:

Please submit your hardcopy invoice via post or courier to the address provided in the tool, making sure to use the Nike Postal address on the envelope.

Nike Finance Helpdesk

Our Nike Finance Helpdesk for Europe is to support suppliers on issues related to payments 

Please remember when communicating with the Nike Finance Helpdesk

  • Reply to open case emails only; responses will not be sent to ‘closed case emails’. At the moment a case is closed you will receive a notification.

  • Reply to original emails only; responses will not be sent to auto notifications

  • Keep the subject line intact for all existing queries

  • When forwarding emails, please don’t copy the Finance Help Desk

  • Remember to use the contact information for all queries

  • If you are supplying goods or services to different countries, please remember to send your invoice to the appropriate address. Contact Nike for the correct information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact to check payment status of the invoice?
Contact us via the Nike Finance Helpdesk.

I don't know which Nike entity I am delivering to.
This should be indicated on the PO, if you did not get a PO please ask your Nike contact who placed the order with you.

How can I change my vendor details (address, etc...)?
Please ask your Nike contact who placed the order with you.

I did not receive a purchase order number. Who do I need to contact?
Please ask your Nike contact who placed the order. Remember, NO PO – NO WORK – NO PAY

How do I know whether I should charge local VAT or whether the VAT liability is shifted to the recipient of the supply (reverse charge)?
This depends on your local country regulations. Please contact your tax officer for support.

For further questions, who can I contact?

For further questions, please contact us via the Nike Finance Helpdesk.

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please contact us at the appropriate email address (see below).

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Nike Finance Helpdesk Contact Information

Bill-to Country
Helpdesk Email address
Helpdesk phone number
0800 068068
Belgium (Brussels)
0800 58 157
Belgium (Laakdal)
0800 58 157
0800 890092
Czech Republic
+420 800 701 673
+45 8040 0061
0800 523 203
+33 805 9800 33
+40 21 253 8727
0800 6270 334
00 80033153684
+353 1800 710 263
+972 9 9720935
+39 800 59 39 97
31 800 0205 858
+47 800 62032
00 8003311477
+351 800 600001
+7 800 500 9835
+421 800 500 802
38 618888517
0800 000 027
020 120 3224
0800 199055
90 2123755712
+27 (0)