We believe we can design and create products using better chemistry while delivering exceptional performance.

Nike was founded on innovation, experimentation and achieving superior athletic performance. Over time we’ve applied that innovation and passion to deliver environmentally preferred rubber formulations, water-based solvent solutions, and to eliminate excess use of chemicals by continually improving material efficiency. 

Better chemistry is achievable, but it takes time to deliver product with equal or better performance. It requires us to be relentless in raising the bar on our expectations, and requires chemical inputs to our product innovations have maximum performance and minimal impact. 

We’re committed to making products in ways that protect consumers, workers and the environment. In doing so, we’re committed to eliminating, reducing and responsibly managing hazardous chemicals throughout our supply chain. This happens through programs that evaluate and restrict the use of certain chemicals and promote the development and use of better chemistries.

Rewards and Incentives

The indices we use to assess the sustainability of products provide scores based on a variety of relevant environmental criteria, including the use of preferred chemistries. 

Addressing PFCs

Building on Nike’s 2015 commitment to phase out our use of C8-based PFCs, we’re expanding our commitment to eliminate all per- and poly-fluorinated based finishes from our products by the end of 2021 while maintaining the performance and aesthetic our consumers expect.

bluesign Database

Nike supports material suppliers using the bluesign® bluefinder database. This database provides our suppliers with an easy-to-use, rigorously vetted list of chemical products, unlocking opportunities to reduce the environmental impacts of their processes which in turn reduces the impact of our products.

Addressing this phase-out program within Nike’s own product lines is just the first step: We’re also working closely with other industry players to implement a shared methodology for evaluating alternative chemistries. This work optimizes Nike’s investment, scaling better chemistries across the entire shared supply chain.


    We're committed to making products in ways that protect consumers, workers and the environment.

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    We seek to work with vendors and suppliers who are committed to high standards and continuous improvement.

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    We work across our industry to implement and scale chemistry standards throughout global supply chains.

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