Active Schools

Active Schools

Physically active kids are happier, healthier and better students. Nike works with experts, partners and school leaders to get kids moving before, during and after school.

Active School Programs

(Brasil, China, Russia, Turkey)

In Brasil, Nike partners with local organizations to get 1,400 kids moving during school by finding new and innovative ways to combine physical activity with regular school subjects.

In China, Nike is partnering with the Ministry of Education to transform the culture of sport and physical activity in schools across the country. Over three years, the program will reach up to 7,000 teachers and help 2 million kids to get moving. In Shanghai, Nike partners with primary schools to ‘unlock school gates’ – opening doors after school so that kids have a safe and positive environment to participate in sport and physical activity.

In partnership with the Children’s Sport Foundation, Nike works to promote active schools and create an active generation of kids in Russia. In the first year alone, almost 900 kids were part of the program.

Nike and the Turkish Olympic Committee's Active Kids project creates fun and memorable experiences in sports for children in elementary school and promotes the benefits of sport, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Let's Move! Active Schools!


Let’s Move! Active Schools provides free resources to teachers, parents and administrators to enable communities to incorporate physical activity experiences into the school day.